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10 Tips for Passing Your CSCS Test

Posted On : 21/04/24

Want to kick start your career in construction? Then a CSCS Green Labourers Card is one of the most important certifications to consider. We explain why you need a CSCS Card and how to pass CSCS Test questions...

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Which First Aid Course Do I Need for Construction?

Posted On : 14/04/24

  If you’re looking to start your career in the construction industry, you’re probably looking up the different qualifications and requirements that you need in order to get started. You know you’ll need a CSCS Card and a...

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Everything You Need to Know About CITB

Posted On : 7/04/24

  If you work in the construction industry then you’ll almost certainly have heard of CITB, but who actually are they? What do they do? Well to help give you a greater understanding of the training board itself,...

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Do I Need a Health & Safety Advisor?

Posted On : 1/04/24

  Construction sites keep paramedics busy for a reason. But risky doesn't have to be the norm when lives are on the line. Let's talk safety beyond bare minimum compliance. True protection that gives your crew confidence and...

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CITB Skills and Training Fund

Posted On : 25/03/24

Welcome to TSMC’s hub for the CITB Skills and Training Fund. This program from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) provides grants to facilitate critical skills training and health and safety upskilling. It empowers construction companies to elevate...

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NPORS Vs CPCS: Which Should You Choose for Plant Operator Training?

Posted On : 17/11/23

When it comes to pursuing a career in the construction industry, one of the most important steps you'll take is obtaining the right training and accreditation for operating heavy machinery. Two of the most recognised accreditations in the...

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What is a CSCS Card? The Ultimate Guide

Posted On : 7/07/23

If you’ve worked on a construction site, or you’re looking to enter into the construction industry, you’ll likely have been asked for your CSCS Card at some point. But what exactly is it and what does it mean?...

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Which IPAF Course is Right For You?

Posted On : 7/07/23

IPAF are leading the way when it comes to keeping those who work at height safe and sound with their wide range of training courses. But with so many on offer, we realise it can be tricky to...

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Do You Need a License to Operate MEWPs?

Posted On : 5/05/23

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, also known as MEWPs, are used in various industries where working at height is essential. Because of the risks and dangers involved in working at height, there are a number of rules and regulations...

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