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What Are the HSE Competent Person Guidelines?

Posted On : 8/08/22

Effectively managing health and safety in construction is paramount. With construction being named the most dangerous job in the UK – and with more fatalities than any other industry according to HSE stats – there’s never been a...

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Who Needs Asbestos Training?

Posted On : 8/08/22

Asbestos training is necessary within construction and other related industries because it provides a safe, reliable and easy way for employers to protect their workers and the health of the general public. In addition to giving your employees...

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A Guide to Different Forklift Trucks (And Forklift Training)

Posted On : 8/04/22

Forklifts come in various shapes, sizes and heights, and can be used across a number of applications in industry. Whichever type of forklift you use, training is essential. While operating a forklift truck doesn't require a driving licence,...

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What Is CAT and Genny Training?

Posted On : 3/02/22

CAT and Genny training is designed educate operatives in the procedure of detecting and avoiding underground services such as but not limited to cables and pipes for the purpose of excavating roads or pavements. The training involves teaching...

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What is Confined Space Entry?

Posted On : 5/01/22

Confined space entry involves working in enclosed spaces, particularly in industries such as docks, sewage and mining. Working in these conditions can pose serious risk to workers, and a number of people are killed or seriously injured while...

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What Does RIDDOR Mean?

Posted On : 14/04/21

When it comes to Health and Safety (H&S) management, RIDDOR reports are an essential piece of admin that should not be overlooked. RIDDOR regulations cover everything from accidents to ill health, and are fundamental for both employee and...

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What Does a Site Supervisor Do?

Posted On : 25/03/21

Construction sites are busy places and, at times, it seems as though there is a limitless number of workers contributing in many different roles and disciplines. With so many qualified people working on the same project, direction and...

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What is IOSH?

Posted On : 16/12/20

Health and Safety (H&S) seems to become more important each year. New strategies are designed, regulations are put in place, and training courses put a significant focus on health and safety at work. As with many other industries...

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A Quick Guide to Health & Safety Regulations

Posted On : 30/11/20

Nobody should ever expect to go to work and never return. Similarly, your place of work should never leave you feeling depressed, stressed, or battling mental health issues. Health and Safety regulations in the United Kingdom make sure...

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