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Approved Training Organisation

NPORS Plant Training

NPORS Plant training with the Safety Maintenance Company

Carryout your plant training on your site anywhere in the UK.

  • 360 Excavator
  • Forward Tipping Dumper
  • Telehandler
  • Forklift truck training
  • Loading Shovel
  • Slinger Signaller
  • Vehicle Marshal
  • Road Roller
  • Petrol cut off saw
  • And many more different plant options

What is NPORS?

NPORS, which stands for National Plant Operators Registration Scheme, is an accredited training scheme that has been running for over 25 years. It’s a qualification that is officially recognised by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) as well as being a CSCS partner card scheme.

By creating a standardised level of training, NPORS has helped to align the industry and ensure plant operators are kept safe and compliant at all times when working with plant machinery. 


NPORS Cards are a way of determining whether or not an individual is trained and able to operate specific plant machinery. An NPORS Operator Card is given to you upon the successful completion of an NPORS Course; however, the type of card you get will depend on whether or not you hold an NVQ in the same category.

They are a standardised way of ensuring that machine operators are both certified and competent and will be used by employers in construction-based companies across the country to determine your level of ability. 

Each NPORS Card will show the plant category/categories you’re qualified to operate as well as all the assessments you’ve completed. This way, an employer can easily keep track of everyone’s qualifications, know who should be using which piece of equipment and, most importantly, remain fully compliant at all times.

NPORS Red Card

The Red NPORS Card is the ‘Trained Operator Card’ that is given to those who have successfully completed an NPORS Course. You must complete an NVQ relevant to the NPORS category training course you took in the 2 years that the card is valid for. This card will only last for 2 years and is non-renewable. Once you’ve successfully completed your NVQ, you can change your Red Card to a Blue one.

NPORS Blue Card

The Blue NPORS Card, also known as the ‘Competent Operator Card’, is for plant machine operators who have completed all required training in their category and hold all necessary qualifications. It is valid for 5 years. 

Once you’ve completed the NPORS course you will be provided with a logbook in which you’ll need to record your workplace evidence. This must be completed before you renew your NPORS Card after 5 years. 

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NPORS Accredited Training Provider 

Here at TSMC, we’re proud to be a registered and accredited NPORS Training Provider (ATP).

We’ve achieved this status because we use qualified and experienced instructors only, and we follow the NPORS-approved syllabus for every training course. As well as this, we continue to successfully meet all requirements set out by NPORS in our in-depth annual audits.


Is NPORS equivalent to CPCS?

Yes, essentially NPORS is an equivalent qualification to CPCS. Both NPORS and CPCS are widely recognised schemes used to assess and verify the competence of plant operators. They are both widely accepted by construction companies across the UK.

Where do you hold NPORS training courses?

We have training centres based in Leeds & Derby; however, we offer on-site NPORS training across the UK so wherever you’re based our trainers can come to you!

What’s the difference between NPORS Novice & Experienced Courses?

As the name suggests, Novice courses are designed for learners who have limited or no experience in the activity or machine operation. Whereas Experienced courses are aimed at operators who have demonstrated their understanding and ability and their employer feels they do not require any remedial education.

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