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Which First Aid Course Do I Need for Construction?

Which First Aid Course Do I Need for Construction? post image


If you’re looking to start your career in the construction industry, you’re probably looking up the different qualifications and requirements that you need in order to get started.

You know you’ll need a CSCS Card and a suitable level of H&S Training, but you’re wondering whether you need a First Aid qualification too…

To help guide you in the right direction and find the necessary First Aid course, we’ve put together a helpful guide on First Aid Courses and the Construction Industry!

The Importance of First Aid in the Construction Industry

First aid is crucial in the construction industry due to the risks involved and the potential for accidents. It provides a prompt response to injuries, minimises consequences, and prevents further complications.

By fulfilling the duty of care, complying with regulations, and enabling rapid response in critical situations, first aid ensures the well-being of workers and promotes a positive safety culture.

It increases worker confidence, fosters team collaboration, and ultimately saves lives in construction environments by providing immediate care and stabilising injuries until professional help arrives.

Common Injuries in the Construction Industry

On average, each year, over 60,000 people in the Construction Industry suffer from non-fatal injuries in the workplace; making construction one of the most dangerous industries to work in!

Common Construction-related injuries often include:

  • Falls – Working at height on scaffolding, ladders or rooftops increases your risk of falling which can result in fractures, head injuries and even fatalities
  • Struck-by accidents – Being struck by falling objects, moving vehicles or even heavy machinery can cause head injuries, fractures or internal injuries
  • Electrical Hazards – Working with electrical systems and equipment could result in electric shocks, burns or even electrocution
  • Caught-in or Between Objects – It’s not uncommon for workers to get trapped between machinery, equipment or structures, leading to crush injuries, fractures, or trauma
  • Machinery Accidents – Improper use of heavy machinery or equipment can lead to crush-related injuries including lacerations, fractures, and even amputations

With such risks associated with working in construction roles, it’s clear to see just how important proper First Aid Training is. So what are the requirements – does everyone need to be first-aid trained?

Legal Requirements & Regulations

Let’s explore the legal requirements and regulations relating to first aid and construction work…

The main piece of legislation relating to First Aid in Construction is The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. These regulations stipulate that all construction sites must have the following:

  • A First Aid box fully stocked with the appropriate amount of equipment for the number of workers on site and a sufficient number of locations, depending on the size of the site
  • An Appointed Person – someone who is responsible for taking charge of all First Aid arrangements on site
  • Sufficient information, accessible for all workers, that explicitly outlines the name of said Appointed Person and/or First Aiders on site and where to find them

It’s important to note that the appropriate amount of First Aiders are present on-site at all times when work is being carried out. For this reason, it’s vital that you have numerous members of staff fully qualified in First Aid through First Aid Training Courses to cover various shifts patterns and sicknesses, etc.

How many First Aiders are required on Construction Sites?

The number of necessary First Aiders on site directly correlates to the number of workers on site. So, if you’re working on a site with less than 5 workers, you must have at least one Appointed Person.

For sites with between 5 and 50 workers, it’s essential that you have at least one First Aider on site at all times. This must be someone who has successfully completed either the First Aid at Work course or the Emergency First Aid at Work course – depending on the type of injuries that may occur.

For larger sites, the requirements will stem from in-depth assessments that take into account the size and awkwardness of the site, the type of potential injuries that could occur, plus any holiday or sickness cover in place at any given time.

How do you become a qualified First Aider?

In order to be classed as a First Aider (FA), you must hold a valid certificate of competence in one of two First Aid courses:

And, in order for these to count, you must complete one of these courses with an approved training organisation – like TSMC! We’re proud to be accredited by Highfield.

As well as these two courses, we also provide a First Aid Refresher course designed for anyone whose needs to renew their First Aid Qualification; after three years, learners must undertake a 2-day Level 4 First Aid at Work Re-Qualification Course in order to keep their First Aid at Work qualification valid.

We also offer a Mental Health First Aid course which is vital in maintaining a supportive workplace and ensuring that your business has the know-how and capabilities to cope with mental health issues that arise in your workforce.

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