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CITB Skills and Training Fund

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Welcome to TSMC’s hub for the CITB Skills and Training Fund. This program from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) provides grants to facilitate critical skills training and health and safety upskilling.

It empowers construction companies to elevate their workforce efficiently and responsibly. As a recognised CITB Course provider, TSMC offers approved training to help utilise this fund opportunity.

Our courses unlock compliant, safe project sites through accessible development. Here’s what you need to know about how the CITB Skills and Training Fund can positively transform your organisation when paired with TSMC’s robust construction training.

What is the Skills & Training Fund?

The CITB Skills and Training Fund is a forward-thinking initiative established by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). It operates as a grant system created to enrich expertise within construction through sponsored skills development courses and health and safety education.

This program will cultivate a safe, skilled, and proficient construction workforce. It achieves this goal by subsidising training costs. This makes ongoing learning and development more attainable for companies financially.

Funded upskilling allows construction firms to consistently provide their personnel with high-calibre courses that elevate on-site excellence.

A major emphasis of the CITB Skills & Training Fund is boosting health and safety knowledge and preparedness across the construction industry. By bridging financial gaps in essential education, CITB upholds their commitment to combating workplace hazards in this hands-on sector. Supported training fosters safer job sites daily.

Who can apply for it?

The CITB Skills & Training Fund aims to support construction companies pursuing vital skills development and health and safety education for their personnel. Below analysis of the key target audiences and eligibility criteria for interested firms:

Target Audience

  • Construction organisations wanting grant-assisted training to ease financial burdens
  • Companies unaware of the Fund or needing more details
  • Groups requiring clarity on qualification rules, caps, and the application process

Eligibility Criteria

  • Active CITB registered companies with a valid CITB Levy Number
  • Small businesses with up to 99 directly employed staff can apply for up to £10,000
  • Larger companies with 100 to 250 staff members can apply for up to £25,000
  • Fully up to date on levy payments without arrears
  • Only one claim per year
  • Able to demonstrate commitment to training aligned with CITB Grant Scheme parameters

Satisfying these prerequisites allows construction firms to leverage this opportunity for enriched, high-impact workforce development.

The Benefits of CITB Training Courses Provided by SMCL

Opting for TSMC’s CITB training unlocks key advantages that position us as a trusted industry source:

  • Comprehensive Course Offering: Our CITB course catalogue covers critical health and safety facets through varied construction courses – from Health and Safety Awareness to Site Manager Safety Training (SMSTS).
  • Approved Training Organisation: TSMC holds official recognition as an Approved Training Organization by CITB. This validates our expertise to deliver exceptional training, meeting all CITB standards.
  • Expertise & Experience: With seasoned instructors and years of coordinating training, TSMC ensures students gain skills vital for the industry in a stellar learning environment.
  • Well-rounded Professional Growth: Our CITB courses champion comprehensive development, empowering construction personnel to actively uphold safety laws on site.
  • Strengthen Workplace Culture: The learning we facilitate can positively transform workplace culture, embedding health and safety for reduced on-site incidents.

Whether a site worker pursuing Health and Safety Awareness or a senior manager needing Site Manager Safety Training (SMSTS), TSMC offers the perfect CITB course for your goals.

How much money can you apply for?

We know you’re wondering – how much funding can I actually get via this skills fund? The CITB grant amount varies based on your unique situation. If you’re unsure how much funding you’re eligible for, get in touch with us today.

CITB elevated their business support this year, paying out over £5 million more than they did in 2021 – that’s hundreds more companies getting a funding boost for training goals.

For the latest details on exact amounts, be sure to check CITB’s official website or handy funding guides. We want to ensure you have ALL the info to take advantage of this opportunity.

Let’s get that application rolling!

How to apply for the CITB Skills and Training Fund

Securing funding support from CITB involves a straightforward process if you methodically prepare and submit your application. Follow these key steps:

  • Verify Eligibility: Confirm that your construction company meets all the qualification criteria that CITB outlines for grant applicants.
  • Plan Your Training: Decide which of the CITB-approved training courses best match your workforce’s needs and will build their safety and job excellence.
  • Prepare Application: Gather essential details like your CITB Levy Number to fully complete the required application forms. You can access the documents directly from the CITB website.
  • Submit: Email your finished application documents to CITB when ready. Carefully provide all requested info across every section.

You can better your chances of getting approved by:

  • Training Plan: Put together a robust training plan exhibiting how each proposed course will tangibly boost safety and skills for your crews.
  • Compliance with CITB Standards: Highlight that you are committed to adhering to all codes and rules put forth by CITB.

Remember, careful preparation and a comprehensive application can significantly improve your likelihood of obtaining the CITB skills fund grant, so get organised to get ahead.

Get Started Today

The clock’s ticking – don’t let this solid opportunity fly by without taking action! Start investing in your construction crew’s growth now by applying for the CITB Skills & Training Fund.

Explore the wide range of TSMC’s CITB-approved courses and choose the ones that best align with your workforce’s needs.

What’s more, if you need a hand navigating the CITB grant application process itself, TSCM can provide assistance there, too.

Feel free to get in touch with our team by contacting us today. Our professionals have the expertise to guide you on a smooth journey to submission success.

The time is now to step up safety standards within your construction organisation! Let’s hit those elevated goals together with the help of TSMC and CITB upskilling opportunities.

Begin the application prep today!