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Different Types of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs)

Different Types of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) post image

Mobile elevated work platforms are powered access machines that come in all shapes and sizes.

Whatever type of MEWP you are operating, it’s important to consider training. According to the HSE, the most significant dangers come from the operation of machinery, not from their movement as a site vehicle. This means operators must be competent, and must have the knowledge and experience required to use the machinery safely.

Here are the different MEWP types for which IPAF training will be required:

Articulated boom lifts

Also known as cherry pickers, are available in different sizes for the task at hand. This type of vehicle offers an extensive range of movement, including a sideways movement that makes it a practical choice for a number of applications, both indoors and outdoors.

Platforms are also able to reach around or over obstacles such as buildings and other equipment, which is why it’s often suitable for work in the construction, industrial and warehousing sectors.

Scissor lifts

A scissor lift is a vertical lift featuring a hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical scissor. The criss-cross mechanism lifts operatives in a vertical direction to carry out a variety of tasks, and vehicles are either mobile or static. Diesel, electric and hybrid scissor lifts are available.

Mast lifts

These are low level access lifts that are suitable for tight spaces and areas with a lot of footfall, such as shops, offices, public buildings and hotels. A small type of cherry picker, this vehicle is ideal for indoor use and is usually used where a traditional cherry picker would not be able to access.

Due to the compact size of mast lifts, they can be easily manoeuvred in and around aisles and shop floors without being a hazard for workers or members of the public.

Track mounts

Sometimes referred to as spider lifts, track mounts are a type of mobile elevated work platform used in exterior environments when the ground is uneven. These MEWPs are also suitable for steep inclines, on stairs or in narrow areas.

Truck, Van and Trailer mounts

This MEWP type is a lorry, van and trailer mounted platform that allows workers to travel between sites and across multiple locations. As a lift, it offers excellent height and side reach, making it ideal for a number of different outdoor applications.

Some uses include high-level maintenance, pest control, telecoms installation, and filming and broadcasting.

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It is the legal obligation of employers to ensure hazards are controlled when using mobile elevated work platforms. According to the HSE, operators have experienced fatal injury and even death from being trapped in the MEWP basket or from machinery overturning. Therefore training is absolutely paramount.

By law, any operators must have undergone a recognised operator training course, such as an IPAF course, and must hold a relevant certificate or license.

At The Safety Maintenance Company, we offer IPAF courses for all MEWP types – including cherry pickers, scissor lifts and other mobile elevated work platforms.

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