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Approved Training Organisation

The Safety Maintenance Company are an Approved Training Organisation (ATO)

What is an ATO?

ATO stands for Approved Training Organisation. Set up by CITB, it’s designed to support the construction industry by establishing a list of regulated training standards that training courses must meet. This helps the industry maintain a high level of workplace standards that keep everybody safe.

Who is awarded ATO status?

Approved Training Organisations include, for example:

  • A school/college
  • In-house training provided by your employer
  • Training providers, like us

How does a training centre become an ATO?

There are different pathways to becoming an Approved Training Organisation, depending on the type of training centre and whether it’s already part of the CITB.

There are also different types of training courses that are provided by an ATO. These can include short courses; courses provided by other awards organisations, for example, City & Guilds; and specific training courses run by CITB.

The Safety Maintenance Company are an Approved Training Organisation

All of our training courses are approved and maintain the high standards expected from an ATO, with training courses run by our highly-qualified team.

We’re also approved by the following organisations:

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