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What Is CAT and Genny Training?

What Is CAT and Genny Training? post image

CAT and Genny training is designed educate operatives in the procedure of detecting and avoiding underground services such as but not limited to cables and pipes for the purpose of excavating roads or pavements.

The training involves teaching the method of a CAT and Genny scan, and the correct use of equipment, hazards and safe methods of detecting under ground services. HSE guidelines stipulate that a CAT and Genny scan must be done before commencement of work, and the law requires the right precautions be taken in regards to the locating/marking of cables. If your workers are required to do excavation work, it’s essential for them to attain their CAT and Genny certificate.

What’s involved in a CAT and genny scan?

A CAT (Cable Avoidance Tool), or CAT detector as it is commonly known, is used with a Genny 4 Signal generator. The CAT has three different modes, and when used on the Generator mode, it works in conjunction with the Genny to trace signals.

Training courses will include a practical session to ensure delegates are proficient with different functions and proper use of equipment.

Who needs CAT and Genny training?

Our CAT and Genny course is for anyone tasked with cable avoidance work, or anyone involved in or responsible for overseeing any excavation project. This includes operatives, engineers, site managers and supervisors.

As highlighted by the HSE, any damage to underground cables can cause fatal or severe injury. By law, employers must take precautions to protect lives and avoid danger. It is necessary to control risk by doing the following:

  • Planning the work in advance
  • Using cable plans
  • Using cable locating devices
  • Applying safe digging practices

The HSE also specifies that CAT and Genny scan operatives should have received thorough training in equipment use and limitations.

What does a CAT and Genny course cover?

In addition to a full overview on equipment, the course will cover legislation and guidance (an introduction to HSG47 – Avoiding Dangers from Underground Services), associated hazards and hazard avoidance, buried service plans (STATS), and electromagnetic theory.

Course attendees will also be taught the limitations of CAT detectors and Genny 4 Signal generators, as well as other practical skills such as buried service location and ground markings.

Getting CAT and Genny certification

On completion of the course, delegates will receive a certificate, which stays valid for three years. For any operatives or workers whose certification has expired, it is vital to rebook a training course.

At The Safety Maintenance Company, we can offer a half-day training course to be taken on location at your company, or in our training centre in Leeds/Bradford (free parking on site). We provide in-house certification that meets all current HSE guidelines, and we can deliver Saturday courses or alternative training dates on request.

We’re also able to offer group discounts and we can organise for refreshments to be provided to course attendees. To find out more, get in touch and talk to a member of our friendly team. Call us on 0800 0699539 or drop us email at [email protected].