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What Does a Site Supervisor Do?

Construction sites are busy places and, at times, it seems as though there is a limitless number of workers contributing in many different roles and disciplines. With so many qualified people working on the same project, direction and order is required, and this is often managed by senior management teams. Bridging the gap between the workers on site and senior management teams charged with handling the project work are site supervisors.

Are you keen on making the next step in your career but would like to know more about what a site supervisor does? Perhaps you could use your existing skills and incorporate some extra Health, Safety, Quality, and Environment (HSQE) knowledge to thrive in the role of site supervisor?

At the Safety Maintenance Company, we offer one-day and two-day courses for those looking to refresh their H&S knowledge or make the leap to a supervisor role instead. Our courses are CITB approved and keep you qualified for 5 years.

The Role of a Site Supervisor

Site Supervisors have an important role on any construction site. Although the daily activities are varied, the supervisor is primarily tasked with the daily health and safety aspects of a construction site.

This involves recognising, managing, and assessing any relevant H&S hazards in the workplace and putting measures in places to either remove those hazards completely, or reduce the risks they cause.

Holding a senior position, supervisors oversee a project and ensure that it is completed safely. It includes working closely with a Foreman to manage a workforce and deliver a project without any recorded events.

These are just a few of the tasks a Site Supervisor will take charge of.

H&S Hazards on Site

Construction sites can be dangerous places – as the supervisor, it’s up to you to inform your workforce of the hazards that exist and educate them on the different ways they can avoid causing an incident.

This extends to contractors and third-parties that visit the construction site as well. Supervisors must oversee activities and ensure that measures are in place to help prevent any incident from occurring.

Site Surveys and Inspections

Inspections and surveys are a significant part of this role. No two sites are the same and they are constantly developing and changing. Regular surveys give the supervisor the chance to identify new hazards, mitigate old ones, and relay communications to the workforce.

Much of this information is recorded and communicated in the form of a risk assessment. This is a technical document that requires training and a close attention to detail – you’ll learn everything you need to know about risk assessments and how to perform them on our informative training courses.

Guidance and Support

Everything we’ve mentioned so far has focused on health and safety. Don’t get us wrong! This is extremely important. But as a supervisor, you’ll also be tasked with guiding, supporting, and managing the workers below you.

You’ll acquire the skills you need to manage people and help support them on the construction site. Teach them about hazards, train them in the different ways to mitigate risk, and help them grow in confidence and competency as well.

Site Supervisor Training with the TSMC

These are just a few of the important roles that a Site Supervisor can expect to face when they’re fully trained and qualified. We offer the CITB Site Safety Supervisor Training Scheme (SSSTS) that covers all of the essential H&S regulations and provides detail on the various laws.

You’ll learn how to survey sites, form risk assessments, develop method statements, and more. We even offer a one-day refresher course that helps experienced supervisor renew their qualification every 5 years.

To find out more about our courses, our group booking options, and the availability on our Derby and Leeds sites, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.