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Approved Training Organisation

The Safety Maintenance Company is a health & safety and Electrical training company offering comprehensive training solutions to a myriad of industries and sectors, including construction, schools, manufacturing, museums and many more. Michael Havercroft is the Operations Director at the company, and currently makes use of Carrwood Park’s virtual office services. We asked Michael why the virtual office package was the best option for his company.

The Safety Maintenance Company is small & thriving business based between Leeds & Bradford. At the The Safety Maintenance Company we know that flexibility is the key to our success. We use Carrwood Park’s virtual office to act as our reception so that we never miss a phone call from a potential, new or existing client. Missing one of those calls can cost us invaluable business relationships that would mean the difference between profit and loss for us. So we’re thrilled to have the professional and dedicated team at Carrwood on hand to ensure we don’t miss a thing.

Knowing the phone will always be answered gives us the freedom and flexibility to get on with what is important. which is delivering the best training and overall service as possible. What we like is that the virtual office gives us the professional image we require when our clients call. There is nothing worse than an out of breath answer to your call, because the person picking up the phone has run half way across the premises to answer the phone. Our clients deserve to call and get an instant response and speak to someone who is calm, helpful and friendly.

At first, working with Carrwood Park was just a good answer to a problem we had regarding potentially missing calls from clients. But over the time we’ve used them, the relationship between us has become so much more. The quality of the service offered is absolutely first class; and a definite asset to our business. The team understands that every client’s call is vitally important, so through their work we convey the right message to all our customers, old and new.